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21 Principles of Esoteric Therapy and Energy Mastery; A Multidimensional Approach

1.  Consciousness should be centered in the Heart, rather than in the Mind.  The operating system of the Mind creates artificial judgments and fixed belief programs.  The operating system of the Heart is flexible and open to the flow of the Now.
2.  There are infinite versions of the Truth, and your vibration determines which version you will experience.
3.  Linear time is an illusion created for/by 3-D experience.
4.  Separateness is an illusion experienced by 3-d Ego Consciousness.
5.  History, whether personal or collective, is a strung together timeline made up of a continuous threading together of multiple Now moments.
6.  Earth/Gaia is a living Being within a galactic collective and an ever-growing library complete with a record of all the experiences of all consciousness on it.
7.  Though your 3-D ego center may not be aware of your multiple timelines, your Higher Self is.  Your Higher Self is aware of every incarnation you've had, or are having.  This information can be accessed through the Akashic Record Library.  You simply need to remember that you have a library card and can ask the Librarian for the information you seek.
8.  You came here to learn to release judgment and to develop compassion for self and others.
9.  You came here to experience the full range of emotions possible for humanity.
10.  Each night when you go to sleep and dream, you travel into multiple realms and interact with a range of dimensional beings and experiences.
11.  The Earth Game is one of descension and reascension.  You are Source Energy.  You start at the top, then you fracture, descend, play in different arenas, reconnect with Source Energy, and project into another game again.
12.  The body-mind creates programs of limitation.  We are in the midst of a shift into higher vibrational frequencies and are creating new neural patterns while releasing the more limited ones previously held within the 3-D matrix.  Those incarnate from the earth year of 2012 are programmed with a pre and post shift (ascension) blueprint and mission.
13.  Most programs are run at the sub-conscious level.  To change programs, you must become conscious of them.
14.  The frequencies of the programs you are running will be reflected back to you in your reality.
15.  Change comes from aligning yourself with the frequency of the thing you wish to create.
16.  Anytime you are focused on the past or the future instead of being in the Now moment, you are losing energy.  Being centered in the Now means being conscious of every single breath.
17.  Fear Programs create resistance and close down divine flow.  Fear programs require a lot more energy than being in divine flow.
18.  Change is accomplished by shifting your vibrational patterns in the Now moment; maintaining the new patterns and frequencies in each subsequent Now moment.
19.  You are a sovereign being who is part of Divine Source Energy.  You have complete free will to choose your reality by aligning yourself with the frequency of that which you desire to manifest.
20.  Through the principle of resonance, you can recalibrate lower densities of vibrational frequency using the Language of Light; which includes color/light, sound/tone, number, and sacred geometry.
21.  All is consciousness (or energy), including what we perceive as matter in the 3-D experience.  The tool for working with consciousness is your imagination.  The directed, purposeful, ordered, and harmonious use of the imagination creates frequency shifts across and within all dimensions of being.