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Energy/Sound Healing

Sound/Energy Healing sessions include work with tuning forks (and other sound tools) that are calibrated to specific frequencies associated with harmony, balance, health, and well-being.  Sound therapy affects change at all levels of being, including the physical body (bones, tissues, chemistry, cells, molecules) and the subtle (emotional, mental, electro-magnetic) levels.

This treatment is very effective in combination with psychotherapy/counseling.  Sound/Energy healing treatment can also be scheduled as stand-alone sessions.  Sound therapy is particularly helpful as an adjunct to therapy to address negative habit patterns and areas where you feel particularly stuck.

Sound therapy with tuning forks has been used to successfully improve:

-depression, anxiety, panic disorder

-trauma, including complex/developmental trauma

-Digestive issues (IBS, poor apetite, overeating)

-Fibromyalgia, chronic muscle tension


-Dissociation, difficulty feeling grounded or at ease in the body

-Patterns of repetitive, compulsive, or negative behavior

-Addictive or compulsive behaviors

Sound therapy is used in the bio-magnetic (biofield/aura/subtle body) field that surrounds the body.  This field contains a record of all of your life experience as well as areas of blockage related to emotions, core beliefs, and trauma that may eventually manifest in the denser levels of the body as pain, illness, or dis-ease.  Tuning forks are used both diagnostically (by identifying and amplifying the resonance of stuck energy) and therapeutically.  Working with the principles of harmonics and resonance, the stronger, more coherent frequency of the tuning forks (or bowls) entrain the biofield into a more balanced and coherent expression.

This treatment is non-invasive, efficient, and produces both subtle and long-term/permanent changes.  Many people find that they are able to achieve profound shifts in areas where they have felt stuck or blocked for long periods of time.  The effects of multiple sessions are cumulative.  Three sessions are recommended initially with follow-up as needed to reinforce the new patterning imprinted in the biofield.  

Most of the work is done with un-weighted forks in the field around the body.  Weighted forks are then used to ground and seal the energy shifts in the body.  Additional vibrational remedies and tools (color/light, essential oils, plant/flower essences, pranic healing) may also be used or recommended as follow-up to energy healing sessions.


Several types of sessions are offered that focus on both general, overall cleansing, balancing and toning or specific issues.  These include:

-Basic Sound Therapy/Subtle Energy Field Balancing & Tune-Up (60 minutes), Sound Immersion Relaxation Session with the 'Ohm' Frequency & Intervals, deeply relaxing, meditative, & healing.

-General biofield assessment, diagnosis, and balancing (60 - 90 minutes)

-General chakra system assessment and balancing (60 - 90 minutes)

-Medical Astrology sessions addressing planetary and elemental patterns in the birth chart (30 - 60 minutes, following natal chart consultation and counseling)


What to expect during an energy/sound healing treatment:

Sound/energy healing is equally effective done in person or remotely.  In person sessions are conducted on a massage table.  During the session you will be fully clothed.  I suggest you wear a blouse of fairly light fabric without a collar so that your neck and shoulder areas can be easily accessed.  Most of the work is done around or above the body, although the weighted forks may be applied along the spine and at specific acupressure points on the body.

  Remote sessions begin with a Skype (or phone/e-mail) consultation to address your needs followed by treatment.  During the treatment I will ask you to lie down and relax quietly and notice what feelings, thoughts, images, etc. arise for you.  In conclusion, we will discuss the session and suggestions for follow-up.

Most people report a feeling of calmness and deep relaxation during and immediately after an energy healing session.  Brain wave activity is entrained to a slower, alpha state by the use of tuning forks that combine specific frequencies.  Alpha states are associated with a relaxed, reflective, meditative state of mind.  Intuition and insight are both enhanced.

During the session I may share information with you or ask questions related to areas of energy blocks or amplification.  The opportunity for you to reflect and to discuss your insights and feelings further encourage the densities expressed in the subtle energy field to loosen up or shift.

I encourage you to plan for time after your session to rest and reflect.  Many people feel tired and want to nap which is a wonderful way for your body and psyche to begin to integrate the energy releases and shifts.  Please also be sure to drink plenty of water to help move toxins released during the treatment out of your body.  



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