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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Services & Resources

Services are offered in 6 - 12 session* modules that move from mind/body, to soul, to spiritual levels of healing.  Each track builds on the foundation of the previous one.  Individual sessions are also available, but this work is best done with commitment and consistency over time.

Psychotherapy Foundation Tracks:

Each track includes 12 sixty minute sessions*, in-person or on-line, along with educational materials & guided exercises.  The goal is to develop a working relationship with the Personal Unconscious and to begin forming a bridge to the Collective Unconscious, using Depth Psychotherapy, Reflective Mirroring, Dreams, Active Imagination, Astrology, Alchemy, Image, Symbol, Fairy Tales/Myth, and Expressive Arts.

-Path of Insight:  Introduction to Dreams/Active Imagination, Persona, Ego, Complexes & Personal Shadow.

-Path of Discernment:  Relationship as Mirror, Withdrawing Projections, Anima/Animus, Accessing Archetypal Energies.

-Path of Inner Authority:  Self as Source, Archetypal Integration, Building Right Relationship with Ego & Self

-Path of Power:  Creative Embodiment of Self through Art, Ritual, Retreat & Ceremony.




Working with the Collective Unconscious & Transpersonal Realms with Applied Shamanism & Depth Psychotherapy.  The first track is 6 sessions*, the remaining three are 12 sessions* each.

-Portals and Doorways:  Accessing Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness with Journeying & Active Imagination

-Recapitulation & Recollection:  Tracking Energy/Soul Loss, Erasing Personal History, Losing Self-Importance

-Allies and Helping Spirits:  Sacred Relationship/Rhythms of Nature, Plant, Mineral, Animal, & Spirit Guides

-Drawing Down the Moon:  Embodied Soul Work, Connecting with and Co-Creating with Nature


Initiatory Tracks:

These tracks focus on the esoteric and tantric levels of awareness and practice.  Each track consists of 12 sessions*.

-Waking Up:  Depth Psychotherapy As Both Esoteric and Tantric Practice, Refuge Outside of Habits & History

-Wisdom Heart:  Relieving of Suffering of Self and Other, Self-Compassion, Self-Worth, and the Desire to Serve the Greater Will

-Holding the Threshold:  Role of deity, surfing the Tao, working with layers of the subtle energy bodies.

-Path of Service:  Ego as stable vessel for serving Divine Will, Right Livelihood, Universal Compassion, Oneness w/ All.


Focused Concentration Tracks:

Intensive learning and practice around a specific skill set/theme.  Session length varies.  All Tracks can be taken independently and do not require pre-requisite training or experience.

-Spiritual Awakening & Embodiment for WomenA 16 session experiential program structured around the book 'Women Who Run with the Wolves', featuring hands-on application of Jungian psychology.  Learn to connect with and embody Feminine Archetypes for personal healing, transformation & empowerment.  Offered to individuals and small groups.

-Whose Energy Is It?  Developing Skillful Methods for Effectively Managing Difficult, Toxic or Predatorial Relationship Dynamics (6 sessions*, may be repeated).

-Seeing in the Dark:  Using Dreams for Personal Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and Exploration in the Subtle/Non-Physical Realms. (12 sessions* for each track).

    Track 1/Personal Healing

    Track 2/Spiritual Guidance

    Track 3/Exploration of Subtle & Non-Physical Realms

-Applied Shamanic Journeying:  Explore the three worlds in the shamanic worldview and learn basic journeying techniques for developing allies, spirit guides, and doing transformative soul work. (6 sessions*, may be repeated).


*Sessions are 60 minutes each and can be scheduled at your convenience, in person or on-line, in 60, 90 or 120 minute increments.  Tracks of 6 sessions must be completed in 3 months. 12 session tracks must be completed in 6 months.  Refunds will not be issued for unused sessions.

*Spiritual Awakening & Embodiment for Women is 16 sessions which can be scheduled at your own pace.


Tools and Resources:

-Personalized Astrological Natal Chart and Detailed Life Path Interpretive Report (printable chart & detailed interpretive report delivered via e-mail within 24 hours of purchase).


A highly detailed and personalized chart and report of the spiritual, psychological, and material plane potentials of your natal chart. 


-Easy to read Natal Chart with Colored Elements & Aspects

Interpretive Life Path Report (10+ pages) with:

-Sun, Moon & Rising Sign Potentials

-Interpretations of Planetary Placements by Sign, House & Aspects

-Chart Ruler

-House Rulerships & Interpretations

-Elemental Assessment/Balance

Lunar Node Interpretation, Midheaven Indicators

(Please contact me if you would like to view a sample chart/report prior to purchase)


Natal Chart & Life Path Interpretive Report / $33.00

(please note your name, birth date, time, & location when you purchase)













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