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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Quantum consciousness has illuminated that we create our reality with our minds (in fact all of 'reality' is Mind/Consciousness).  If our minds are not in clarity, we will not perceive reality in an open, unbiased way.  The degree to which we suffer is generally the degree to which we are clinging to a distorted, ego-derived and ego-defended view of reality.  Please take a moment to click on the 21 Principles of Esoteric Therapy and Energy Mastery page to read more about this approach.

I am a teacher, guide and psychotherapist and I integrate Jungian Depth Psychotherapy, Psycho-shamanism, and Esoteric Science and Arts into my work.  This is a holistic, four-tiered, bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach that is strength-affirming and non-pathologizing.  My goal is to help you uncover and connect with you true potential and authentic truth so you can better lead a life that is joyfully self-expressive.  While you can't change difficult situations from your past, you can change behavioral and energetic patterns resulting from old hurts, traumas, wounds, and negative conditioning to create healthy, balanced, and spiritually transformative outcomes in the present and future.

Symptom reduction, or even elimination is not the goal of this work.  The goal is rather to listen to the symptoms, to what they are trying to tell us, to where they are trying to lead us, and then to dive under and get to the root causes.  The ultimate goal therefore is not adaptation to a world that is dangerously out of balance.  The goal is to transform ourselves on all levels:  spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, so that we can become effective vessels and servants of collective transformation.  We do this by illuminating our own deepest wisdom, truth, and knowing and by stepping into and embodying our authentic power and sovereignty.  

You are not your past and you are infinitely more powerful, radiant, creative and wise than you might know.  We fall into forgetfulness as we become conditioned by the should and should nots of our conditioned experiences. The answers are not 'out there', but rather 'in here'.  This work takes you step by step into your inner potential & truths.  It activates and catalyzes the innate capacity of your psyche to self-heal while increasing your consciousness and your capacity to be fully present in the ever present dance of now.

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