Magic: The art of shifting

consciousness at will.


So what does Magic have to do with healing?  The answer, plain and simple, is everything.  Especially when the true meaning of magic is understood as 'the art of raising consciousness according to the will'.  Most people associate magic with an attempt to alter events and circumstances external to one's self.  However, true to tradition, the goal of magic is an internal, not an external,  process.  The goal of magic is 'to know thyself'. 

This is a deep knowing, though, that goes far beyond our ego's sense of 'I'..  It takes us through an exploration of ourselves at increasingly subtle planes of being and experience.  Through the Hermetic principle of 'As Above, So Below', in coming to Know ourselves we also come to know all of Creation.  We begin to understand the meaning of our 'being' and our place in the Divine Plan.  As we learn the arts of raising our consciousness we begin to understand that Creation expresses itself through multiple dimensions, each with its own particular density, experiences, beings and landscapes.  As part of Creation, we become aware of our own multi-dimensional nature. 

Consciousness/Mind is the vehicle that we are gifted with to travel, experience, and know ourselves on multiple planes of existence whilst our bodies hold us in 3-D materiality so as to allow for learning, growth, and manifestation of the unique gifts each of us carries.  Please take a moment to click on the 21 Principles of Esoteric Therapy and Energy Mastery page to read more about the tenets of this approach to healing.

This work is grounded foundationally in the Western Mystery Traditions.  It incorporates depth psychology, astrology, alchemy, kabbalah & tarot.  Depth psychology is the container, with the other facets providing the richly symbolic and metaphorical experiencing aspects.  It is a 'right-brain' approach, offered as a panacea to our over-emphasis on 'left-brain' logic and rationality.  It is lyrical and poetic, and emphasizes experiencing over analyzing.  It customizes itself to each unique individual and circumstance and thus, is very creative.

I offer soul and spiritual guidance and education as an ordained esoteric and interfaith minister.  My mission is to support others in 'knowing themselves' and in learning the arts of 'changing consciousness at will'.  I believe all suffering can be transformed when it is seen in the context of soul growth and meaning. I believe each of us has access to our own inner guidance and deep wisdom and that when we have accessed these, we will be able to manifest our soul potentials and heart's desires.

In Spirit,





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