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Awakening Intuition with the Tarot:  An In-Depth Study and Practice of the Tarot Using Perspectives of the Western Mystery Tradition, Kabbalah, & Jungian Psychology.

This 8 week introductory class will help you to understand the Tarot from the perspective of its correspondences with the Western Mystery Tradition, and specifically Kabbalah and the Tree of Life,  The Tree of Life is a multi-dimensional Map/Model used in the Kabbalistic tradition to illuminate both Creation and the role of human consciousness within Creation.

Topics to be covered include:

*Introduction to the Western Mystery Tradition, Kabbalah, & Tarot

*The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Hebrew Letters, Sephiroth & Paths

*The Four Worlds, a Multi-dimensional perspective to Tarot and Correlations with the Four Suits & Elements

*The Major Arcana:  Archetypes of Spiritual Initiation

*The Cards of the Supernal Triangle on the Tree of Life (Spirit) with Meditations

*The Cards of the Ethical Triangle on the Tree of Life (Soul) with Meditations

*The Cards of the Astral Triangle on the Tree of Life (Soul/Personality) with Meditations

*The Minor Arcana

*The Suit of Pentacles/Earth

*The Suit of Cups/Water

*The Suit of Swords/Air

*The Suit of Wands/Fire

*Introduction to the Court Cards of the Four Suits

*Ways of Working with Tarot:  Meditation, Insight, Divination, Spiritual Practice and Initiation

What You Will Need, Course Requirements:

-Text:  The Tarot of Awakening, Initiation Into the Kabbalistic Western Mystery Tradition, by Amy M. Wall

-Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


None, this course is appropriate for beginners, as well as intermediate and more advanced practitioners of Tarot.


-Virtual Sessions via Zoom; 8 one and a half hour meetings, Sundays at 11 AM Eastern time.

-Course limited to 6 - 8 participants

-Start Date:  On demand/rotational as new groups of 6 - 8 are registered.


$36 per session, paid in advance ($288 total)

Participants can pay per session, or in advance via my website, Venmo, or PayPal.

Please contact me at [email protected] or via my website for more information and to register.