Jungian and depth oriented, one on one sessions, 60 - 90 minutes. In keeping with the Jungian/Depth tradition, dreams are used to direct and inform the work we do together. If you are not an active dreamer, no worries. We will utilize other sacred methods from the Mystery traditions for accessing the unconscious. An initial consultation at no charge is offered for this service to determine that it is suitable for your situation and needs. Virtual and in person meetings are available and can be scheduled on a regular or as-desired basis.

What we will work with:

-Jungian-oriented depth exploration & process

-Reflective listening

-Dreamwork to access unconscious material

-Active Imagination, Embodied Dreamwork, and Imagery

-Work with your Astrological Natal Chart as a Map of your Soul & Major Life Themes

-Typology (MBTI, & other methods of assessing personality/temperament)

-Journaling & Vision Journeying

-Expressive and Art Therapy, Personal Ritual & Ceremony

60 minute session $75 / 90 minute session $90

Soul-guidance follow up Sessions: Offers the opportunity for further work to deepen and integrate material following a Reading. 60 - 90 minutes. Virtual or in person sessions. $75 - $90

Soul Guidance/Readings

-Dream Interpretation:

In depth analysis of a dream using Jungian and Transpersonal/Spiritual levels of understanding. Suggestions for working further with the insights revealed through Active Imagination, VisionJourneying, Art, Ritual/Ceremony, or other active embodiment and follow-up. Available via e-mail or virtual session. $75

-Shamanic Astrology Reading:

A focused analysis of your birth chart from a shamanic astrology perspective. This unique reading will help you to understand your 'lineage' (Moon, past life, ancestry), the storyline or intent of your current life (Ascendant, archetype, major lessons), the particular aspect/expression of the Feminine (Goddess) or Masculine (God) archetype you are carrying (Venus/Mars), the type and quality of relationship that will bring you the most fulfillment (Ascendant/Descendant axis), the tools and equipment that will allow you to accomplish your life's intent (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter), and the strategy that will best get you there (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). Available via virtual sessions or phone. Includes a copy of your birth chart. $120

Esoteric Soul Mapping : Understand the deeper meaning of any given life situation, challenge, or question. This method condenses any issue to an archetypal energy/energies and puts it in the perspective of what is needed for soul growth. Combines image/symbol/metaphor with Astrology and Tarot applied to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, to determine the action or correction needed to move toward balance, wholeness, and integration. 60 - 90 minutes.

$120 for new clients; $90 for returning clients.

Astrology Charts & Reports

-Personalized Astrological Natal Chart and Detailed Life Path Interpretive Report

(printable chart & detailed interpretive report delivered via e-mail within 24 hours of purchase).

A highly detailed and personalized chart and report of the spiritual, psychological, and material plane potentials of your natal chart.


-Easy to read Natal Chart with Colored Elements & Aspects

-Interpretive Life Path Report (10+ pages) with:

-Sun, Moon & Rising Sign Potentials

-Interpretations of Planetary Placements by Sign, House & Aspects

-Chart Ruler

-House Rulerships & Interpretations

-Elemental Assessment/Balance

Lunar Node Interpretation, Midheaven Indicato rs

(Please contact me if you would like to view a sample chart/report prior to purchase)


NEW!  Add-on Specialty Reports

-Subtle Energy/Vibrational Remedy Report:  10+ pages, based on an interpretation of your natal chart, includes a detailed interpretation of the planets, signs, and aspects unique to your chart with customized suggestions for tools and vibrational (subtle energy) remedies to address imbalance and achieve health & harmony.  Includes recommendations for flower/plant essences, gemstones, gem elixirs, color, music, and aromatherapy, along with a list of suppliers where you can purchase remedies.


Harmonic Highlights Report:

  A detailed analysis and interpretation of your natal chart using six less common aspect patterns which describe major life issues and personality traits not revealed in traditional interpretations.  A great add-on to a traditional report.  Very revealing and insightful!  6 - 7 pages in length.


H-Athena Numerology Report:

 Specialized report based on your birth name and date, includes your Soul Number (inner, private self), your Personality Number (your outer self), your Destiny Number (your life path/purpose), your Career Number (vocations suited to you), and your Missing Number (areas of weakness needing development).


Order all reports together as a comprehensive package at a discount!

$84 value


 when ordered as a package

includes printable natal chart, Life Path Report, & all 3

specialty reports.

E-mail me ( [email protected]) your birth date, birth time (exact), and place of birth when you place your order.

All charts/reports will be delivered within 24 hours to you via e-mail.