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Energetic Diagnosis, Balance & Alignment Sessions

Through deep listening to the narrative of your life circumstances it is possible to diagnose where your subtle energy gridding may be distorted, imbalanced, stuck, or out of alignment.  Most of us are deeply affected by our environment and heavily influenced by collective programming that pulls us out of alignment with our Divine Self and Divine Plan of Service to Creation. 

In addition to your narrative, I use several other means for tapping into subconscious levels of Mind/consciousness to further illuminate an energetic diagnosis.  These include, but are not limited to:

-dreams, either a single dream, a series, or a recurring dream theme

-astrology; using your natal chart as a map of your soul's blueprint, diagnosing how energy is working by reference to planets, signs, house placements, aspects, rulerships, etc.

-archetypal analysis; what archetypal energies are prominent in your life themes and soul purpose as they express in your life circumstances, history, synchronicities, dreams and birth chart.

-oracular consultations (tarot, etc.) to amplify dominant archetypal energies and patterns.

-vision journeying and facilitation of light trance states to reveal additional insights and subconscious content. 

Energetic Balancing and Alignment

Working with the Tree of Life as an organic template of energetic balance that manifests on all dimensional planes (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual), I will assist you in building and imprinting this matrix back into your subtle energy system and body.  This will function as an energetic scaffolding or grid system that will orient and direct your energy bodies back into proper alignment and balance.

You do not need to be familiar with Kabbalah or the Tree of Life as we will build the matrix into your energy system with the use of familiar references (color, archetypes, planetary energies, number symbology, etc.).

You simply need to be open and willing to explore, release the programming that no longer serves your highest good, and allow the matrix to rebalance and structure your energies according to the Divine Blueprint inherent in the Tree of Life.

Self-Responsibility and Self-Correction

Ultimately each of us are self-responsible and self-correcting beings.  Much of our conditioning has convinced us otherwise, but it is our divine birthright to be self-sovereign, self-organizing, and self-correcting when we go out of energetic balance from time to time.  Being out of energetic balance can result in low energy, confusion, lack of clarity, lack of a sense of meaning/purpose, unbalanced relationships with others, victim/perpetrator narratives, power and control issues, and if left unchecked, physical illness and disease.

You will receive instruction and practice in ways to use your divine subtle energy structures to self-correct and maintain balance, harmony, and equilibrium.  

Further sessions can be focused on education for using the Tree of Life and Four Worlds energetic models for spiritual evolution and growth.

The Tree of Life can be thought of metaphorically as containing the roots, trunk and branches of the Tree.  These correspond to different levels of functioning (physical, emotional/mental, spiritual) and build upon each other developmentally.  As in nature, the establishment of a solid foundation consisting of strong roots is essential to the development of the trunk and branches (soul/spirit) of your Tree.

A strong root system corresponds to a healthy ego, capable of functioning effectively in the daily world, flexible enough to allow for growth and change, and willing to assume responsibility for self.

 Session Details &Fees

                                                                      All sessions are virtual via Zoom

                                                                                             1.5 hours

       3 - 6 sessions are recommended, follow up sessions may be scheduled as desired

    $120 per session pre-paid through PayPal or Venmo

   Astrology Charts & Reports

-Personalized Astrological Natal Chart and Detailed Life Path Interpretive Report

(printable chart & detailed interpretive report delivered via e-mail within 24 hours of purchase).

A highly detailed and personalized chart and report of the spiritual, psychological, and material plane potentials of your natal chart.


-Easy to read Natal Chart with Colored Elements & Aspects

-Interpretive Life Path Report (10+ pages) with:

-Sun, Moon & Rising Sign Potentials

-Interpretations of Planetary Placements by Sign, House & Aspects

-Chart Ruler

-House Rulerships & Interpretations

-Elemental Assessment/Balance

Lunar Node Interpretation, Midheaven Indicato rs

(Please contact me if you would like to view a sample chart/report prior to purchase)


NEW!  Add-on Specialty Reports

-Subtle Energy/Vibrational Remedy Report:  10+ pages, based on an interpretation of your natal chart, includes a detailed interpretation of the planets, signs, and aspects unique to your chart with customized suggestions for tools and vibrational (subtle energy) remedies to address imbalance and achieve health & harmony.  Includes recommendations for flower/plant essences, gemstones, gem elixirs, color, music, and aromatherapy, along with a list of suppliers where you can purchase remedies.


Harmonic Highlights Report:

  A detailed analysis and interpretation of your natal chart using six less common aspect patterns which describe major life issues and personality traits not revealed in traditional interpretations.  A great add-on to a traditional report.  Very revealing and insightful!  6 - 7 pages in length.


H-Athena Numerology Report:

 Specialized report based on your birth name and date, includes your Soul Number (inner, private self), your Personality Number (your outer self), your Destiny Number (your life path/purpose), your Career Number (vocations suited to you), and your Missing Number (areas of weakness needing development).


Order all reports together as a comprehensive package at a discount!

$84 value


 when ordered as a package

includes printable natal chart, Life Path Report, & all 3

specialty reports.

E-mail me ( [email protected]) your birth date, birth time (exact), and place of birth when you place your order.

All charts/reports will be delivered within 24 hours to you via e-mail.